Monday, June 9, 2008

Goodbye Spiff's Continuom!

The unfortunate thing about making fragile site specific installations is that they inevitably get destroyed when you take them down. It was sad to see this one go. Unfortunately, even though all of the materials, the genie and my time were donated, the budget at the Co-op is not going to allow us to continue installing pieces in that space.

So, until I have time to go find a gallery, we're done with sculpture for a little while. Unfortunate and sad! I have a sketchbook FULL of pieces I can't wait to realize. But my path is different right now. HOPEFULLY one day, summers will be for art, and winters for skiing. But for now, I leave on Wednesday for the Teetons!

Thank you Steve Hill for helping me tear it down, and thanks a TON Lori. Your total lack of respect for art really came through. Just kidding. You guys are awesome. Thanks again.

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