Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At Home in Wyoming!

Yay, I made it! I drove to Jackson Hole via West Yellowstone, past Old Faithful, and down out the South Entrance. I've never been that way before, and it was beautiful. It snowed the entire time, but the roads weren't icy, so it was like driving through some sort of filmic idea of a snowstorm.

The bison were out, with their calves, and loosing their winter fur despite the fact that it was in the low 30's and dumping, and the adolescent elk, as well, were out and all speckled with Highschool Elk Bedhead Syndrome, their fur all spikey and strange.

I got to see the huge Lewis Lake, which is grey and stormy as I drove through, and ended up in the very quaint town of Jackson Hole, where, yes, it was still snowing!!

Tucking in for the night (yeah, right, actually, I'm gonna work on the Academy book some more if I can get the photos all transfered over to my laptop) and heading out to ski the Teeton Pass in the snowstorm in the morning!

We're gonna test out the handywork of the Freestone Physical Therapy Clinic, they made me a custom brace to hold my arm in place under my glove. More on them and that whole debacle later!! Good night!!

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