Thursday, June 26, 2008

Super Art Fight!

Super Art Fight!, originally uploaded by KateHowe.

Bodhi and I watched Jamie Noguchi's Super Art Fight and then had one of our own. Bodhi remembered EVERY round, and we had to draw the same. It was SUPER fun!! Most of the words were written by Bodhi, 4 1/2.

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Jamie Noguchi said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Min/El said...

Looks like fun! His handwriting shows really great fine motor skills for 4.5 yo! Way to go!

a said...

Thanks, Mindy! Its pretty fun to watch him draw and write! I am always shocked at how confidently he holds a pen. Some dyslexic tenancies in his writing, and I'm massively dyslexic, but it turns out not to be that hard to learn to deal with, and I think its usually a sign of good creative thought!

a said...

AngryZenMaster, thanks so much for the link! We're putting a good one together for you this afternoon! The boys are psyched!