Friday, June 6, 2008

Ill keep my word if you keep yours!

So the answer to the question is... no, I can NOT beat the storm up the mountain, and YES, it was a hail/snow storm, not a thunder storm.

But hiking up something steep, fast, on pace, without stopping, regardless of the weather (unless its a safety issue), is what's hard for me. And I made myself a deal, that if I'm gonna ask the people in MY life to do what's hardest for them, I can sure as heck haul my own butt up this hill.

This is a pretty good shot of how steep the M trail is. Super Fun!

And, hey, mom, thanks for the jacket, its awesome!!


Liat said...

F-yeah! Man, you look hard core. I am so proud of you!!

a said...

HA, you are so funny. I felt just the tinyest bit hard core for about five minutes, here, but well, that's not really the point. More the point is to get out there and do it without making any excuses!!

Hope your ankle feels better soon!