Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Training Log: Catch Up!

Well, sorry I've been spotty in my posting, but using this week's Quote That Helps (see the sidebar), I'm gonna do the best I can and not be hard on myself about it!

The catch up is: at the gym, we've been going to Yoga which is lovely. I have so so so missed that practice! Tom and I have managed to get in one lunchtime climmb (today actually) and I am so excited to be so much stronger! My core still needs a lot of work, so Bosu ball, here I come!

I did manage to break a toe the other day, kicking a chair while barefoot and running through the kitchen. Ow. Second time I've broken this one. Great. It's taped, and we are moving on with our lives.

And... I am going to the D Team Tryouts Training Camp! YAY! It's official! I was worried because I don't ski at that level yet, but they are letting me come anyway, so WEE HOO!

There is a Race camp for a few days before that, so i think I am going to go early and just ski ski ski for about a week. IN AUGUST! How lucky am I?

I have $570 in my training fund from donations and sales on Ebay, I need $900 to get to camp, so visit my Ebay store or send a friend! Thanks for helping me reach my goal!

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