Friday, July 6, 2007

Training Log: June 30: I like to Bike with Mike Volume 2

Well, I wish it was true, but...

So I ventured back out on the South Cottonwood trail, despite the traumatizing 22 mile hike of the week previous. It was great! Michael rode his cross bike and I rode my old hard-tail mountain bike. The trail is a great one to learn on, I haven't spent that much time on a mountain bike, but every time I've been out single tracking I've loved it.

I need to learn how to put more weight on my back tire when I am riding up hill, I had to walk a bunch of the hill, but Mike was patient! I need to get out on my bike more, I am just amazed at how out of cycling shape I am!

We took our time going almost out to "the meadows" and then flipped around and rode back to my house, I don't know maybe 10 miles round trip?

The best part was when Mike showed up, he pulls a map out of his car and he's like "Now, Kate. I want to show you this." Ha. Ha. Ha. "This is a map." Ha. Ha. Ha. "They are incredibly useful." Thanks, Michael. Lesson learned. (Gawfaws all around...)

Ask yourself if this is real or not... whaddya think, did I make it across?

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