Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wherein Tranquility Descends

It has been an interesting couple of days. But I have to say that the few days since the fourth of July have been really, just... nice.

We decided not to fight with the kids at night. Getting them to bed is an ordeal of epic proportions, even though we have an established routine. We decided that, hey, its summer. As long as they are behaving, we are going to let them stay up until they fall asleep in the kiddie pool.

Its been great! Liat and I are trying to work out during the day so that I can be home at night, and the night before last, we hung out on the patio, laying in our hammocks, Tom with Bodhi, and me with Ethan, eating popcorn, reading books, staining our chins with cherry juice. Bodhi fell asleep in the hammock with Tom, naked from the pool and covered with a towel. Sigh.

Eating outside, light until 10 pm... its great. Today has been a dream day, which is not how I usually feel when I don't have a babysitter, but we figured it out. The gym I work out at, the Ridge Athletic in Bozeman has a place called Ridge kids, and they have this AMAZING climbing structure there. Unfortunately, every time I have taken my kids there, they have gotten punched, bitten, kicked, or sick. One time, one of the instructors was by herself with 17 kids! So we stopped going.

I had a chat with the general manager of the Ridge about a month ago, and I thought we'd give it a try again and see if anything had changed. Well, there were only 4 kids there, and 2 instructors, so great! The kids had a blast, and I got to go to... wait for it... YOGA!!

YAY FOR THE YOGA!! When I lived in Pasadena, I had a very dedicated yoga practice, at this amazing place called Yoga House and it is one thing I have sorely missed since moving here. I am NOT a fan of Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Competative Yoga... I think that Yoga is a very personal experience, all about balance of mind and body and spirit... I think there should be breath involved, and mindfulness, and that your yoga practice is just for you, wherever you are.

That said, its hard to find a place that isn't like "feel the burn!" This morning I was SO excited to have a class taught by this amazing woman with a great understanding of the roots of Yoga, she has a company called Yoga Motion, and has started teaching at the Ridge a couple of days a week. SO happy!

After Yoga, Liat and I did chest (although I am still sore from climbing with Tom yesterday, and almost crippled from our awesome leg workout that evening), I wore my spiffy new kicks to work out, and felt like a superstar.

All finished up by 10:45 in the morning! I was like "Yeah, rockstar mom!" and we all bundled into the car, had a snack, and headed to swimming lessons, where I got to watch Ethan swim across the deep end of the pool for the very first time. (By the way, last night he asked me when it was going to snow, and we got into this discussion about the fact that we'd go skiing in October when it snowed, but Bridger wouldn't open until Christmas, and he was SO sad! He said, "Well, when does Snowbird open?" I couldn't even believe he remembered the name of that place... looks like I've created a monster... COOL!)

The kids earn stars, which they can redeem for things like books and transformers, etc, so it was book week, and we went off to the bookstore, where we had lunch and read for about an hour and a half. Right now, we are waiting for Tom to come home, and our amazing Manny Clay will show up about the same time, and Tom and I will go hike Kirk Hill to Leverich Canyon, and then hopefully go find a place that makes great fish for dinner.

I am sitting here wondering if this is really what life is like. Maybe in some alternate, independently wealthy, totally indulgent universe? No. In my universe. Cool. My message to myself here: keep reaching for balance, Kate!

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