Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Training Log: July 15: Hyalite Peak and Liat's Birthday!

For liat's 25th Birthday (OH MY GOD, she's 25!) we decided to hike Hyalite Peak. I haven't hiked this since last year, and I had forgotten what a SPECTACULARLY beautiful hike this is. 11 waterfalls on the way up, high Alpine meadows with plentiful wildflowers still! Then a hard 2 mile push up a gnarly scree path to the top for the most amazing views the Bozeman area has to offer. Seriously. You can see into Yellowstone, and all the way to Paradise Valley.

This is one of my favorite falls, it looks like a giant water slide, and Liat an I always wish we could just sit on the bridge and eat lunch, but its a pretty popular spot, so we never have it to ourselves for long.

Up in the high meadow, we found this bizarre spider on the path, and we are trying to figure out if that is an egg sac on his abdomen, or if he just has a beautiful turquoise bottom! He was big, and FAST, and really beautiful. I like this picture because you can see all his eyes! EEEE heeby-jeebies! We are going to email the pic to MSU and see if we can find out what kind of spider it really is.

The meadows are just spectacular, I can't wait until the kids are old enough to hike up here, it would be a great spot to backpack up into and play. There is a small little alpine lake up here, as well.

And this, of course, is what you look like when you turn 25. Okay, that's totally unfair. This is what you look like when you are LIAT and you turn 25! GO GIRL!! All in all, a great hike. It took us 6 1/2 hours, 4 up and 2 1/2 down, although we dawdled quite a bit on the way up, taking pictures, stopping to snack and so on.

Liat is going to babysit next weekend so I can take Tom up here, he's never seen it!!

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