Thursday, July 12, 2007

Training Log: July 11: Hike with Tom

So this is only the SECOND hike I've done just Tom and me, which is bizarre, because I feel like I have walked all over South West Montana... odd that we haven't done it together. But that's been the problem, always the problem, it costs $10 an hour for a babysitter, so a five hour hike is $50 plus travel time... so Tom stays home so we can afford for me to work out.

BUT, we do try and get a date in about once or twice a month, and since its been so light, we decided to hike! So Tom did Kirk Hill to Leverich Canyon with me (we figured out that its seven miles) and it was great. What a lovely experience to have three hours just to walk and talk. Ahhhh... (We actually did also have a nice high five that we've been together 10 years and still have stuff to talk about...) We went into town to get sushi after, but hey, 9:45 pm in Bozeman on a Wednesday night... yeah, everything is closed. We went grocery shopping together instead.

We also decided to try and get early morning dates in, (good luck with this one...) the theory being that if the kids don't wake up a hundred times during the night that we could then get up at six, do a little Vipassana sitting, and then have breakfast together before he goes to work.

It was a great theory, but Ethan woke up about five times last night, so not only didn't we get our meditation session in, I actually cancelled a workout! Didn't get Yoga or to do back at the gym today, but, in my new "gentle, loving" mind frame, I am just gonna roll with it, and get back on track tomorrow. Honestly, I think I need a day off anyway. Laying in the hammock with the kids for a bit, and then I think we are oging to hit up Music on Main. Lovely!

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