Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Trainwreck Epidemic, and a CHALLENGE

I just got the following comment on one of the posts I wrote, and it echoed SO many sentiments that I have gotten via email, that I thought I MUST post it.

From Lisa:
Today I had to comment because I know exactly what you mean about the vitamins- I am so bad as to be derailed almost daily because I read both that vitamins should be taken with a meal and that dairy products impede absorption. Therefore I feel like I can never take my supplements if I've had a meal with even a trace of dairy- and this includes almost every meal since I'm also vegetarian and have limited sources of protein. Anyway, keep up the good fight. I've been greatly enjoying reading. (Only wish I could comment at pithily as Catherine).


First, Lisa, thanks for the comment, and second, you should know you are not alone!

And herein lies the problem. We educate ourselves so that we can do the best job possible taking care of our bodies. That is our job not only as athletes, but as humans! I mean, I want a strong, healthy body so that when I am a grandma, I can ski with my grandkids! And for that to happen, i have to take care of it NOW.

But there are so many things you can do, and so many things you can do wrong, that when we get totally tied to HAVING to do it right, sometimes we can't do it at all. And that just doesn't make any sense!

So here is my challenge to all of you out there (including myself):

When you find yourself NOT doing something, because you can't do it perfectly, challenge yourself to do it anyway, and do it to the best of your ability with the tools and information you have now.

So, Lisa: Dairy? Take em anyway! Kate: Missing one? Take what you have! Beth: No time to commit to a real workout schedule? Park further away and walk, take the stairs, and go around the block once a week.

But all of us: try to look at all we are doing that is POSITIVE and live there. Good for you for doing the reading and knowing about how your body uses the vitamins. Good job! Take that win. Then let yourself be human, and do the best you can with the tools and time you have avalible.

Oh, and by the way: we all wish we could comment as pithily as Catharine. But don't let it get you down! Instead, visit her blog for a good laugh at the Catharine Chronicles.


The Catharine Chronicles said...

Speaking of challenges... Before all this chaos started happening around my Dad, I'd made the decision to try and train for a super-sprint or sprint triathlon. Today at the gym, I decided that I'm going to start training again. I haven't even gotten the event nailed down yet (just that it can't be any longer than a sprint, since anything longer seems way too overwhelming at the moment).

So, I've signed up for Team in Training's newsletter, I'm starting to get serious about (re-)losing the weight, and I'm going to increase my workouts from 30 minutes to 50. Which means doing them in the morning.

No, no... no hedging... it must be done....


a said...

YEAH! You GO Girl! This is how it happens. It takes trying over and over and over again, and each try chips away, and each try builds momentum. I am proud of you for re-committing. Don't let trainwrecks or days away or life in general stop you, just keep at it and eventually, you will be amazed that your whole life has changed.

I am proud of you. It must be done, and it is hard to do. Just THIS much, saying "I am ready" is hard to do. And here you are!!

The Catharine Chronicles said...

La Quinta Sprint. April 21st. Fund raising goal: $3400. I will be registering with Team in Training on August 1st. Then I will be their bitch. Like... totally....