Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why We Shop at Schnee's

Alright, so the horror of Kate's feet got truly traumatizing on our last hike. Virginia and I were heading up to Heather Lake when I realized that I could feel the top of my tibia where it bears the weight of my body. Uh...

And that I could probably describe the shape of the top of the bone... and I thought, you know, i have been hiking in these shoes about 4 months too long...

So I sucked it up and went to Schnees here in Bozeman where I buy all my shoes, and picked out a new pair. I wasn't planning on getting Solomons again, but they just felt the best. I took them up to the counter, and the girl that was helping me looked up my account. She told me that I had bought my old Solomon's less than a year ago, and would I like to use my warranty on them? You mean, I can just bring in the pair I have beat to hell and they will replace them? For free?

Yes, that's exactly what they mean. So now, I have these, and happy feet, and I still have that $100 in my training fund to get to Mt. Hood in August! Thanks, Schnees!!

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