Friday, July 6, 2007

Where in we scream in frustration and go swimming instead...

Hi, everyone! Well, I have about a dozen posts for you, from thoughts on training and staying with it, to a week's worth of training logs and some more gear reveiws. I was taking my time, enjoying the week of the 4th of July, and letting it stack up... and today I sat down to post 'em all... and AARRRRRGGGGHHH!

My lovely and trusted Photobucket added some "functionality" to their site that I missed, and I spent the last four hours banging my head against my desk because my photos werent posting to my blog.

Seriously. Two Red Bulls and a giant coffee later, I still didn't have any progress made and the kids are going "moooooooom I'm Hoooooottttt and I wanna go Swimmmmmmiiiiinnngggg and he took my transformerrrrrrr"

I fixed it. I got it to work. I'm going to the pooooolllll to chilll ooooooouuut before I loose my mind. Stay tuned this weekend, we'll catch up!

Thanks for reading, and hope you had a happy fourth!

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