Friday, July 20, 2007

Training Log: Its a big day!

Sooo sleepy! Hiked Kirk Hill to Leverich canyon, worked out chest, shoulders and tris at the gym, did hard owie hanging abs, then did Yoga. Whew! Then we went SHOPPING! YAY! New cute shorts for summer! High Heeled Espedrilles! Wheee! (Sorry, I don't get to shop much, but today and tomorrow are the Crazy Days here in Bozeman, so Liat and I hit the Root, where they sell SUCH cute clothes!)

Er, hem. Sorry, back to training...

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The Catharine Chronicles said...

Soooo shopping isn't training? Got it. See, I'm new to this whole training thing, and, well, it's important to establish good, solid training habits right from the start.

(But surely shopping for the espedrilles was training. Right? RIGHT?)