Saturday, July 7, 2007

What did you do on the 4th?

This guy went skiing!

Andy Doggen and some friends hiked up Sac on the 4th of July, equipped with skis, boots, poles, shorts, and a bar-b-q grill!

Longtime tradition apparently states (and we'd heard this before, but didn't really believe it) That people haul kegs up there on the 4th, watch the Bozeman fireworks, and ski the Great One with headlamps.

I dunno about that last part, the Great One is a rather gnarly no-fall ski with high walls and a wicked pitch. Its long, it empties onto a talus field, and the hike in is brutal.

On the other hand, that kinda sounds like fun!

We met these guys on the way down, and I gotta say, I hope they made it! If we weren't busy getting ready to do this:


We would've hung around just to see them hike the first 20 feet DOWN into the chute to where the snow starts and just watch them try and put thier skis on!!

Andy... if you read this... for god's sake, man, send us some pictures!!

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