Friday, July 13, 2007

You Were Saying?

Push, Push, Push. This used to be my mantra. There HAS to be a way to get it done. And that can be true, you can force things through. But I think, too, that there have to be days when you say, "Wow, things are just HARD today." and take that subtle hint from the universe and back off.

Today was supposed to be another glorious day:

6:00am meditation with Tom
6:30am breakfast and coffee with Tom
7:30am Tom goes to work, I clean the house
8:45am Abs class
9:00am Back workout
9:50am Yoga
11:00am home

This is what really happened:
Slept in, did not do meditation, breakfast or Abs. Got the kids to the Ridge at 9:30, where Liat had been waiting for me all morning. Got my act together, just in time for the world's crappiest, shortest yoga class.

Spent some time talking with Liat, the time talking superseded our ability to get in the back workout we wanted, and thus we ended up talking about THAT rather than working out.

Went back to the Ridge kids to pick up Ethan and Bodhi, only to find out that Bodhi had had an accident (???) up in the big climbing structure, and had just sliced his foot open and was laying on the floor screaming and wouldn't let anyone help him.

Right. Like I said, I guess it comes and it goes, and we are going to BREATHE and let it go, and be okay, and try again tonight, or tomorrow, or the next day.


The Catharine Chronicles said...


This is what will make this effort, once you succeed, because we here are all convinced you can do it, more amazing. You are doing it while being a mom, wife, friend, sister. We know you can. This is why we worship you.


a said...

Thanks, Catharine. But, uh, geez. Just come hiking with me, don't worry about the worship. (But if you are going to worship, forget about the candles and the incense, just leave some cash at the altar...)(And can we have uniforms?)

You are your own special little kind of freak, and that's why I love you. Thanks again for thinking I can do it, it helps on days like this!