Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 Days to GO TIME, Mom leaves, Squatty and Weems are ON THE WAY!

WOW, its getting intense around here! (getting?) My beautiful, amazing and miraculous mom left yesterday, we had a great time eating at Nova Cafe and then we said goodbye, and I took Ethan and Bodhi up to Bridger to ski, which was awesome. Bodhi skied Virginia City twice, once with me in a rather floppy fashion, and once with the amazing Alex Sweeny, who put him on a piece of bamboo and had killer results!

Ethan's violin teacher and his band, the Bridger Creek Boys, were playing bluegrass and covering Grateful Dead songs on the deck in the sun, and we hung out and danced and drank beer in the sunshine, then went in to watch the point and chute competition, which was won by our buddy Missy Cashman! WAY TO GO MISS! It was an awesome film about what it takes to make the hill run so we can all go play on it, and I can't wait for the extended version!! (Miss, can I have a copy to post here??)

Today, I taught Katie again this morning, and had a blast with this little ripper (See the post below), and then went out and trained in the afternoon with Kurt Blunck, who has an amazing AMAZING eye, a patient, clear way of explaining what he wants, and who is totally encouraging. My skiing was falling apart in front of him, the wheels were COMMIN off, and he spotted some issues that I'd worked OUT of my skiing, but which had come back because I was skiing this super slushy slidy snow timidly, defensively.

We skied Avalanche Gulch several times, working on reducing the tip lead, making the turn round, not letting the skis squirt, and it got better. Then, we headed down and I joined Dave's clinic on Bump Skiing, and we went through a patient progression, and by the end, I was skiing okay again. It was a scary day, to watch my skiing just FALL APART like that, but it was awesome to feel it come back together.

Tomorrow, Jill Imsand and Jen Gunther are comming to ski, we are supposed to get 7-9 inches of fresh, and it should be on top of frozen solid chicken heads of doom, so we will go find the crappiest snow we can and train it all day, probably down Slauchmans Ravine over and over, big bumps, steeps, bad snow. Yup.

Wednesday, Chris might come down to ski, and wash, rinse, repeat, we'll do the same, then FRIDAY, WEEMS AND SQUATTY will be driving toward me... which means on Saturday, we'll get to ski Bridger together! Its a hiking festival! I can't WAIT WAIT WAIT to play with these guys on my home hill, oh I hope the snow is awesome, I so need a dose of my Uuber Coach of Doooom and my beautiful friend... yes yes yes, I am VERY excited to smile and relax and play with these guys, we'll hike hidden, and the Z and Psychopath, and Slauchmans, maybe Saddle, and the 50's... oh, heaven.

I may be able to go out to Big Sky over the following days to play with them in Epic Ski, I hope so, because I feel happy and whole and competent when I'm around them, they push me hard, but I always feel like I can give them more, every run, every turn, I find more inside!

Thanks for an amazing week, MOM, and Jill, and Tom and Chris, and Christine, and Stew, and Kurt, and Weems and Squatty, I CAN'T WAIT!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!! Sorry to hear about Flynn, I wish her the best.
I'm going back to Big Sky again. No cloves this year though!(quit)
I Can't make Bridger on Sat but will be at Big Sky on Sunday.
You have to get out there before thursday's over! - please? :)