Sunday, March 8, 2009

24 Days to Level 3 Exam, Which May Not Go!

Took a day off today to get over my tummy bug, only to find out that there were probably about 3' of fresh today at Bridger! WOWZA! Went up to teach at 10:30, shuffle skis around, pick up the POC demo gear, and came back home and got right back in bed.

It is a possibility that the Level 3 exam may not happen in our division this year due to low sign ups. I'm completely kerfufled at this. I mean... I do totally understand that the numbers have to work in order to make an event go, but I trained so hard all year, spent money traveling to get a good, deep training, put my family through a ton of grief working my tail off, traumatized my classmates and stressed out the head of my school, jeopardized my grades, raised the dough for the exam, and gave up a seat in the Heli in Alaska to do this!

The job I want next year requires a Level 3 certification, and while there is absolutely no guarantee that I will pass, I certainly want to try!!

Tomorrow: Keep training like its going to happen, fat skis in 3' of pow with Angela, laps on the ridge. Fingers crossed!

I emailed our division to find out what the options might be... stay tuned!

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Jo said...

Yo lady, hope things work out for you and Level 3. Tell them I'll challenge my 3 alpine with my 2 nord if you need more numbers. :)