Thursday, March 19, 2009

13 days to Level 3, Punched in the Face, Still Goin'

So today has been one of those "roadblock" kinda days, and I'm pretty psyched to say that THIS IS WHY YOU BUILD A TEAM! I got a great opportunity to test my coaching system on myself today.

I can't really write about the specifics of what happened, but suffice it to say, 12 days before the exam is not a day that you want to find out that there are, uh, two warrants out for your arrest (WHAT?? Its paperwork, don't panic... I have a failure to appear that happened because of my accident in October that I didn't take care of, handling it tomorrow...), that you've been charged twice for the exam, and then charged fees by your bank because you bounced a couple of checks, so you are now out about $350, a very challenging emotional training session this morning, a tough complicated lesson, and then there was some much more important personal type stuff that lead to a rather sore, bruise-y feeling around the heart area.

Facebook to the rescue! Several cyber-hugs later, a crying fit in Elizabeth's waxing room, snuggles from my mom, and a chat with a good friend later... I feel rallied around, I feel strong, and I feel like the world is not ending.

I have, with the help of my awesome support group, decided to focus hard on passing my exam, I don't have time to panic, worry, or mourn anything right now, to wish it was different, to fight to get it the way I wish it was... I just need to let go and stay focused on the exam. I can do that on April 4th.

So I've decided to shelve the mini psychosis I fell into, use several kleenexes, mop up my face and think about Wedge Christies. No, this train can NOT be derailed. I will not loose sight of my goal for anyone or anything.

12 days to go. Stayin' strong. Thanks, guys. I truly couldn't do it without you.


Okay, the money thing continued to nag all day, but I got my butt to school and did some much needed make up work for two classes, then went to the DMV where I was on hold for FIVE HOURS with the Massachusetts DMV, waiting for them to find paperwork saying I'd paid a parking ticket in 2006 (admittedly, it was issued in 1990...). I had to pay another $60 for some reason after they found it and were like, oh, yeah, you paid it! Whatever. Now its clear off the National Database, but, surprise, surprise, Bozeman can't see it on the computer till Monday. Sigh. Took off from there and came home to snuggle kiddos and hang with my mom on her last day, resisted obsessing over matters of the heart, went into town and gave a couple of killer massages, had a harder time resisting obsessing over matters of the heart, decided to obsess over money trouble instead, came home to find a check from 32 Degrees for the race camp article YEAH! (And a very nice letter, thanks guys!!)

Money trouble solved, name clear on database, caught up on some school, kids played outside, Bozeman Brewing Company won the Aspen Hockey League championships, heart is eased a titch, movies are transferred to iMovie for killer video for tomorrow's post, and I'm skiing with my boys tomorrow.

So life doesn't suck after all.

But I have to tell you, yesterday, "I get by with a little help from my friends..." Thanks again, guys!


SkiingandTheWorld said... hang in there....proud of you for being strong and have heaps of faith that you will handle it all with syle and aplomb :-)

A mamma someday said...

listen to bob gibson...haha..he'll cheer ya up and get you in the skiing mood!!!

a said...

Thanks you guys! You ROCK!