Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kate Skiing - Video from prep for Level 3 this week

For more video of Kate's exam prep this week, click HERE, thanks for the video, Shannon!

For all videos by Shannon of me and John, visit her YouTube channel HERE!

For video of Shannon and John, visit my YouTube Channel HERE.

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Unknown said...

Nice job on your skiing Katie! Especially the one footed skiing!

Ski instructing has changed my life for the better too! I love my job! I passed my Level III last winter at 44 years old and 4 months pregnant.

Hope you don't mind a little suggestion for the teaching segment, but it really helped me out.

I had 3x5 cards that I had in my pocket. I had 4 cards. One with all Balance drills, one with all Edging drills, one with all Rotary drills and lastly, one with all Pressure drills.

After I decided what skill my teaching assignment was focusing on, I was quickly able to put together a lesson plan.

This helped to keep my nerves in check and keep my confidence level up. I had major "baby brain" at the time, so it really helped me out!

Best of luck on your exam! You look great though so don't fret it too much!