Thursday, March 12, 2009

20 Days to Level 3, New Broken Toe

Yup, I broke it. WOW. I am a bit clumsy, its true. I do get injured a lot. But, hey, that's life. I was hurrying to change clothes and get into town after teaching a lesson on the hill yesterday, and I walked barefoot into a bench foot that was sticking out in the locker room, and broke my toe. In more than one place. Like, kind of... well, shattered the end of it.

Last night, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to ski on it, because walking to the kitchen was incredibly painful. But today, I decided to head on up for the clinic, and managed to get my boot on and buckled, although it was really really painful. I went outside and turned my boot heater off on that foot until it was good n cold, then I flipped it back on. Getting on and off the lift was really bad, because your foot is forced forward in your boot and my toe hit the end every time, but after the first two runs, my foot felt much better, and by the end of the clinic, it was sore, but tolerable.

I taught the Mother Huckers again today, my awesome ladies group, and we did laps in the John and on Bronco Face. So many big breakthroughs! (Videos uploading, will take all night, will post tomorrow morning...) Toe felt okay till I decide to huck it off this little drop, and I decided as I skied out that was probably not the brightest idea I've ever had.

Had a lovely private with Deb again, who also made big breakthroughs, then got to ski with Bonnie and Peggy in the afternoon! We ripped up South Bowl, and Peggy skied Flippers!! It was a blast, and so nice to get out with them!

Taking the boot off was awful, and ever since then, the toe has felt worse and worse, I think the ski boot is like a walking cast, and kept the toe from flexing. Working massage after skiing barefoot was brutal, esp kneeling down. Now, icing and resting. I'm supposed to go ski Big Sky tomorrow, but I might take tomorrow and Saturday off, let the toe heal up a bit, and get a bunch of catch up done. Articles written, homework, studying, and some MA.

Today was my first full day out of the splint for my wrist, and its doing really well. When I deviate to the ulnar side, its still really painful, but otherwise, it feels good. Contrast baths save the day!!

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