Monday, March 16, 2009

16 Days to the Level 3 exam, feelin' good...

MR Turns in the bumps are ok! YAY! At least they feel pretty good. Regular bumps, ok, too. Delayed weight transfer turns, ok, Charlesotons, ok. Wedge, Wedge Christie ok. Open parallel too edgy. Arcing ok, short turns ok. Moving pivot point back in steeps, just fine and dandy until this afternoon for some random reason in the whirlpools. Will drill that right the freak out of my skiing tomorrow.

Whirlpools, arcing on steep terrian, hop turns, open parallel, javelin turns.

Video coming tomorrow, Shannon is uploading it now. I'll post video of her doing the same drills shortly, and video of today's ski clients as well. Its a lot of uploading, it may not go up on the blog till tomorrow.

Toe hurts, but feels much better after I re-set it and taped it a few days ago, grossly dark blue/green. Feels good in the boot. Wrist is better, stiff, skied out of the splint today, not quite ready for that.

Homework situation is completely out of control, but must focus on level 3 exam right now. Doing MA at night off the Aspen videos Megan gave me, reading Ron LeMaster's book, and pestering folks constantly to check my understanding. Loving it. LOVING it. Feeling so great about skiing right now, on track like a freight train for the next 16 days!! Whoot Whoot!!

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