Friday, March 6, 2009

26 Days to the Level 3 exam!

And I have the ick! I've been in denial for two days that I'm sick, but its true, I have an evil tummy bug. Bleh.

I figured that a good way to feel better would be to pound a Red Bull, eat almonds and chocolate on the chair lift, and do an infinite number of laps on the South Boundary of Slauchman's in like 16" of fresh snow on top of a bunch of wind drift... Yeah, it was at least knee deep, pillowing up to mid thigh all the way down...

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that I still suck in powder. But I'm getting better. Angela gave me some great pointers, and basically, I played in the snow all day with my friend like a little kid. We went through the trees, down the super steep stuff, hiked all over the ridge line, and on our final lap I dropped off the cornice and launched BIG off a rock, kinda hitting the one below it, but just scraping along it, and then landed POOF in a big powder pillow, but went forward, which is good, but not in deep pow, and CLICK! Right out of one of my skis, over the handlebars like falling in a deep pile of leaves. I came up with a giant grin on my face, and had to take off my other ski and hike back up, HIP DEEP to get the ski. Awesome.

I'm so sorry that I didn't have my camera! It was a truly spectacular, beautiful, amazing and an awesome play day. Just what the Dr. ordered.

Now... good night!

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