Tuesday, March 24, 2009

9 Days Left, Training on Frozen Chicken Heads

Excellent day of doooom! I'm a bit in over my head with my schedule, which is NOT so cool for my massage clients, and here is a great big appology for the rescheduling that is going on, and thanks for the patience and understanding.

School started again today, but I was up at Bridger training. I won't be in school or doing massage until after the exam on the 2nd and 3rd, its just too intense, I've got to focus.

Today, Jill Imsand and Jen Gunther came down from Big Sky to train, and we picked up Alex Sweeny, and then later on, we ran into Maggie Beardsly, and Glenn from Big Sky, and it turned into a huge ski posse!

The snow was like a frozen stormy ocean tipped on its side and dusted with about an inch of new snow, basically the toughest conditions for me to ski. We worked really hard, skied aggressively, took aggressive lines, and asked ourselves to ski it well, ski it with as much technical precision as we could muster, and it ended up being outrageous fun, and very very hard work!

We skied all three whirlpools, the hourglass into the third whirlpool, the fourth finger, angels' flight, flippers, abelin's, easy money, all the crappy, steep south facing snow we could find!

I'm not sure if my skiing would pass if it had been the exam day, but I do know that I was happy with how I was skiing, I felt like I was able to ski that stuff better than I ever had, and that I was able to make positive change during the day to ski it better and better as the day went on. It was awesome to chase Alex around out there, he picked some gnarly lines, and I knew if he skied it, I could, too.

There was one scary moment when he lost a ski in the middle of the pinch on the fourth finger, (it went rocketing off this little knoll and shot into space), which is VERY steep and it was pretty icy, and I thought, oh, he's going to have to slide for life to the bottom, but he managed to get up on his one ski and sideslip down to the ski, totally keeping it together in a very scary moment, got himself back together.

Our last run of the day was an amazing rodeo ride adventure through steep trees and off a big log, just outstanding.

Thanks for an amazing day, guys!

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