Thursday, March 26, 2009

Six days to go!

Today was an awesome training day, lucky us, it snowed tons at Bridger, I think we had about 10", enough to cover all the frozen nonsense from Monday, and it was light and fluffy due to the fact that it was only -3 today at Bridger this morning!

Trained in a 4 hour clinic this morning on center line demos, skied wedge turns on a powder day, yes we did, and it was awesome. Casto gave hands down the best clinic of the year. Clear, concise, specific, tailored to each individual person, awesome awesome awesome.

Then I had the absolute pleasure of skiing with my little 4 year old friend Felix, who skied Powder Park and just ROCKED IT! I didn't have my camera today, unfortunately, but he was just shredding, it was brilliant. We were riding on dragons today, which helped quite a bit!

After some lovely playtime and picture drawing, I got back at it with my training partner of doom, Alex Sweeny, and we hit Slauchmans, where I had a massive breakthrough in my skiing, getting centered, getting fast, light feet. Unlocking that which has been locked all year! It was just outstanding. Then we hit the whirlpools over and over again to see if I could keep it, and I did!

I'm totally wiped out, I'd love to post about it in more depth, but after chatting through the changes, and then heading down the hill and getting a KILLER massage from Ms. Tamara at European Massage (seriously. See this woman, she will change your life.), I came home and got some snuggles, read to the kids, and crawled into my own bed, where I am laying, still in my long underwear.

Court tomorrow morning (thanks for all the awesome and encouraging emails and notes, by the way, you guys are awesome, I was really worried about posting the story on my blog, and I sure do appreciate all your support!!) and then over to visit Angela, and then up to Bridger to train some more! I'll post more tomorrow on:

Opening to start
Being in the Center
Pushing the outside foot away
Lightening to airplane turn
hop turns in crud and powder
how not to ski into a tree
why chasing sweeny gives you fast feet or a face full of pine needles.

Until then, g'night!!

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