Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flynn Murray, Big Sky Ski Instructor, hospitalized

I met Flynn at Spire, our local climbing gym, doing an employee training seminar. She is one of those women whose spirit is absolutely shining all the time. A great climber, she was open minded to new climbing techniques and teaching methods, and always had an awesome upbeat attitude for everyone who came in the gym.

She is also an awesomely enthusiastic ski instructor at Big Sky, and on Thursday, Flynn flipped her truck coming down the canyon from Big Sky to Bozeman, and injured her spinal cord rather severely. She is currently in Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, and will be transferred to Denver this week for specific, targeted care.

Jill and Jenny went to visit her the other day, and she is talking and laughing, but can't move from the chest down yet.

Flynn and her parents have a website where you can leave Flynn messages, which her folks read to her when she wakes up. Please take a moment to send Flynn your thoughts and healing energy!

To visit Flynn's website and wish her a speedy recovery, click here.

Flynn, you are in my heart, keep that beautiful light shining and looking toward the future!

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