Thursday, March 5, 2009

27 Days to the Level 3 Exam!

What an AMAZING day! Got up to Bridger for the early morning clinic, which was supposed to be on skiing low end demos, but there was at LEAST a foot of powder, so we talked about wedge christies, (I now have five, count em FIVE different descriptors for how they should be skied! I've skied them all, and I talked with Josh this evening and now I know which one to focus on, at least!), and then we went skiing!

I struggled a bit in South Bowl, but really enjoyed the bumps in Last Chance, then I took my ladies group (who ROCKS!) out to Southern Drawl and down the South Boundary fence line. They were awesome! Like a bunch of six year olds playing in the snow! It was amazing how positive and excited they were, this group is absoulutely full of positive can-do energy. I love it! And they rocked it, and all made great changes to their skiing! Then, Deb and I had a private after lunch, and we went down North Meadows and Crazy Woman, she took her first tree run in SawMill Gulch, and then we headed back over to the South Boundary.

At two, I went up and skied Flippers (SO FUN!) and then did laps in the whirlpools with Dave Evans and John Saam, working on getting the pressure in the turn more at the apex and less in the bottom in the steeps, and working on moving my pivot point back to under the boot, in the steeps, I'm resorting to pivoting around the tips, which is effective, but I'd like to make nice round turns with flow. I got a few good ones on the fourth lap, then we met up with Karen Kirk and ripped up Flippers again. I hucked it off the rocks on Angel's Flight, the first time I've done the "big" line, and it was GREAT! What awesome snow to do that in!!

A fantastic day, but I am pooped! Knackered! Wiped out! I have tons of stuff I should do tonight, but I have a bit of a tummy bug, so I am going to go to bed early, because tomorrow, if its safe enough, Angela and I are going to go ski Saddle Peak! Its our day off, and I need a hike, need some girl time, and need to ski the steeps! And YES, I'm hiking with my heavy skis!

27 days to the exam and I feel GOOD. On track. Strong. Understanding deepening every day. Time to go re-read Ron Lemaster's book (I can't wait for the new version this spring!) and fall asleep to JGS 5!

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