Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Beautiful Woman

I need to take a moment here to say thank you to my mom. I want you all to meet this incredible woman.

My mother has taught me more about having grace, about opening my heart, about patience, love, overcoming adversity, pushing through when you are tired, doing it right, being willing to go the distance, finding the will inside to continue one, giving, loving and healing than any book or seminar or therapy session ever could.

She has struggled in her life against her own issues. She has continued, through her entire life, and even to this day, to be open to change. To look for the lesson, to evolve. She is not afraid to heal, to examine. She's not afraid to tell the truth. She's never afraid to work harder, to tackle the seemingly impossibly huge job.

With calm, with love, with eagerness, with a belief in elbow grease and home made cookies, this woman is a painter, a cook, the vice president of a major semiconductor equiment manufacturer, a grandmother, a mother, a shoulder in times of stress and strife, and the first person I want to call when something happens, good or bad. She is a soft place to land in hard times.

Right now, my mother is living in Bozeman with my ex husband. She dropped everything in her life, again, to take care of my children, to be an open heart to them, so that I could come down here and keep pursuing a better life. She has made herself into a bridge for them and for me, so that I can have a career that is fulfilling to me and earns me enough money to take great care of my kids.

I can't ever explain to you how grateful I am for this woman, for the huge effort she had to make in her life to become who she is. She has always been extraordinary. But every day, she shows me how I can be better.

Thank you, mom. I love you so much, and I'm so very grateful to you.


getbornmagmomma said...

That's beautiful. She sounds like a true champion in all the most important ways. What a gift, that she gave you such deep roots and continues to celebrate who you're becoming, as well as giving to your children--that's the most phenomenal gift.

a said...

Thanks! And thanks for reading. Yes, she is truly a gift in all of our lives. Hey, things are still a little *crazy* around here, but I'd love to write for you guys some day. Please stay in touch! I have lots to share about birthing and so on... thanks for asking! And, I'd love to chat more with you. :-)