Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help me pick a new POC helmet!

WOW, this is sooo Cool!! POC has a new Receptor Bug line of helmets this year with AWESOME colors! You can do amazing color combinations with the goggles. Wanna help me pick? I'm leaning toward an Orange helmet with Pink goggles, or a purple helmet with yellow goggles. I just can't decide they are soooo pretty!

Click here to make your own color combination, and post a comment back on the blog with what you like best!


Russ said...

I like the Orange/Pink combo. Sassy AND girlie.

a said...

OOOh, me too! So hard to choose. Okay, three votes for Orange/Pink so far, one for Purple/Yellow... We'll see!

Windy said...

Yellow helmet, blue goggles, OR Green helme,t yellow goggles..
Can you get one of each?? :)

a said...

OH MAN, I can't decide! And I need to! This weekend! Ahhh!