Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Workout in the Gym!

The warming room at the Aspen Club and Spa.

Welcome back to training, Kate! Wee Hoo! I have a month to get a routine established before my kids get here. Did my first weight workout today, back and legs, tried to take it easy because (confession) I like lifting weights, and I tend to overdo it every time I start fresh.

The workout felt pretty good, it was nice to get back at it. The only thing I felt (aside from out of shape) was that my ribs still don't want to do sit-ups, they made a gross crunching noise and are a bit sore. But I need to make my core strong! So I'm gonna ask my wonderful sponsors at the Stone Clinic how to handle that conundrum.

Lucky me, as an employee of the Aspen Club and Spa, I get to use the facility, so its not really all that bad. I'm sad, tho, I was looking forward to joining the ski conditioning class, but they close it after a few weeks so people won't hurt themselves working out super hard without a base. Smart.

Tonight, Gaelic music at the Wheeler Opera House with my friend Casey from Qittle! Time for girl clothes! YAY!

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