Thursday, November 12, 2009

Winter Bicycle Riding Made Easy

My friend Casey just posted this to Twitter, man I wish I'd read this last year! Its a great article over at the Practical Pedal.

Winter Bicycle Riding Made Easy
by Darrin Nordahl

Winter can wreak havoc on the practical pedaler. Throughout much of the country, Mother Nature serves up heaping helpings of snow, sleet, ice, and hail. Think commuting through these conditions is difficult in a car? Try it on a bicycle.

Snow and ice test a bicycling commuter's principles and agility. I am the father in a one-car family of four. As public transit in my part of the world leaves much to be desired, I have little choice but to brave the elements--and try my balance--on two wheels. For me, bicycling is a year-round commitment, not a fair-weather endeavor.

The obvious constraints aside, winter cycling is not without pleasure. The feeling of riding a bicycle through virgin powder is akin to skiing, offering a distinctly serene experience. The challenge of pedaling through the snow and ice is a pleasant challenge. Though people may look at you funny or go out of their way to call you crazy, snow cycling offers us the chance to appreciate Mother Nature and human balance in a way that is not available in fairer weather.

For the rest of the EXCELLENT article, with Technique and Gear tips, click HERE.

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