Thursday, November 5, 2009

Room Mate Needed!

Looking for a room mate in Aspen! Live in a 2 bedroom cabin with me and my two boys, 3 minutes from Highlands Ski Area on the T Lazy 7 Ranch!

8 minutes to town! Looking for a possible room mate to share a cabin on a stream in the woods with me and my kids! $750 - 1000 a month, includes a parking spot. NOT on bus route, 4wd is a good idea. Beautiful mountain living. Fireplace. Family. Good food. No TV watchers, we don't have TV and don't want it! We do watch movies. We are more into music, games, friends, good food.


Email if you are interested!!

katehowe mac com


Windy said...

Kate - you work SO feverishly to keep yourself afloat - I think that you're one of the hardest working people I don't know! :)
Having the kids w/ you will be the best thing that could happen - maybe not the easiest, but the best.

a said...

Thanks, Windy! You are kind to say so. Just keep swimming right? I guess I'd rather tackle whats ahead than be pulled down by what scares me. Being pulled down is scarier than the unknown. I think you are right. Having the kids here sooner will be a blessing for all of us.

Jo said...

What's the commute time to the U of M campus from there? I'm looking for a place. ;)