Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Salt Lake City and my Beautiful Sister!

I got in at about 11:45 last night and woke my little sister up. Her awesome jazz musician boyfriend was outside, just came home from practice, and had a nice cold beer ready for me on the porch as soon as I got out of the truck. We love this man!

Liat and I visited for a while, even though she needed to go to bed, and we woke up early so I could walk with her to work. Its amazing to see her here in this environment, I know its silly, because she's 27. Well anyway, she's a grownup.

She lives in a city, in a beautiful little lovenest, and has an amazing job or three. She works for the City of Salt Lake, and she started there as a Temp. Now, because she is so awesome, within about six months, she has been hired to do workflow solutions for the city. My sister is RIDICULOUSLY organized, but she's managed to create a system that allows her NOT to stress about what needs getting done. The things she needs to do show up, I can't explain it other than to say that once she gets a system in place for you (the transition can be rough, you have to pay attention.), your life is suddenly EASIER!

They are excited, she now has her own business called Untangling the Ball and she helps people get all ALL their stuff done and have cleaner, clutter free environments. Its truly awesome to behold.

One of these days, I'm going to hire her to help me get all my nine hundred projects in order so I can do the last steps! Like submit my books to publishers and find an Apps developer, and so on... Anyhow, its really cool to see her thriving and being happy in this amazing town. Yes, ugly from the freeway. Walking around Salt Lake, Amazing.

My phone died this morning, so while we were walking, I had it plugged in at her house, so I couldn't take pictures of ALL the amazing things I saw on the way to her office, and I hereby VOW not to let that happen again! The architecture is amazing. I may sneak out and take some pics before I get back on the road.

Anyhow, In the last few years, with me barely hanging on to my own life as it felt like it rapidly spun out of control, with school and training for the three, and preparing for this move, I haven't been as connected to my sisters and my mom as I'd like. It was basically me learning to have boundaries, to enforce them, to learn to take care of myself, and to spend time with my kids.

As I make this drive toward my new home and my new life, I see space opening up as I leave the drama behind, I see room for down time, connection and family. I feel like I'm waking back up. I feel like I'm leaving a thundercloud that has grass fires under it all the time. I put down my hose and my turnouts and got in the car.

It was so very nice to reconnect with Liat, even for a few hours, and see the life she's made for herself. I'm SO proud! When I grow up, I need to learn to be more responsible, like her.

Okay, time to get back on the road! 7 hours to Aspen!

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