Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Live the Dream TV! Episode One: The Kate Howe Story.

Well, its official, my life is truly unlike any I could have dreamed. Many of you know that I am working with Qittle, a very cool tech start up that does SMS bundled marketing.

They are giving away a YEAR free in Aspen/Snowmass, in their "Live the Dream" contest, including a place to live, a ski pass and WAY more.

The idea of living a life full of passion, a life that makes you feel fulfilled, the idea of doing what you love even if it doesn't meet the social norm is hugely important to these VERY energetic visionary entrepreneurs.

To that end, they are launching a 62 city tour of the US, where they will be showing a short film of my story, and giving away the PSIA poster of me. We get to shoot it this weekend on Aspen Mountain!

Next weekend, we will be shooting the first 1/2 hour episode of "Live the Dream TV", a show about people who have decided to follow their passion. The first episode focuses on my story, from unhappy, energy deficient stay at home non skiing mom to full cert instructor on Aspen Mountain who has the energy to go camping all summer with her kids.

AND IT GETS BETTER! After that, I'll be hosting a short segment every week of Live the Dream, where we talk about other people who are doing just that. I'm the "Man on the Ground" in Aspen for this segment.

AND we are giving away free swag every Friday! So if you want to win gear, and get stoked to do what you love and trust that the money will follow, tune in to Grass Roots TV starting around Dec. 15 for Live the Dream TV!


paul macfarlane said...

I'm not at all surprised dear one.
As a Dream Liver, I understand and applaud.

a said...

Thanks Paul! I'm really honored to be able to spread the word! Don't drink the kool aid! Its ok to be poor! If u do what u love, u r rich! Its lovely to have met u. Brothers in believing!

Anonymous said...

Great, That's great, Kate Is that possible to have a copy of your TV story... as I can't get TV in Italy.

whatever happens will be a success....