Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A quick update

Oh holy moley I'm dying to tell you all something. DYING. But I can't tell you yet. Something big is coming! All I can tell you is that it has something to do with Qittle's Live the Dream contest. Yippie! Stay tuned. More news on that soon.

In other news... I've been working out with Richard at the Aspen Club on the Vibragym machine, twice a week, which has been interesting. Its pretty cool, its this big vibrating plate that you stand on, and the vibration travels up through your body, causing your muscles to fire over and over again. You do specific exercises for each muscle group, just like with weights, but you can fit in a bigger workout in a shorter amount of time, so you have time for stretching and a little massage on the machine as well. I DO know that my abs are SORE from this beast, and that makes me happy!

I also started boxing at the gym, with Mike, and that is outstanding. This is American Boxing, with a bag or a sparring partner, not kickboxing or a step class with punches. This is wraps and gloves and hitting people. YES.

I used to box a long time ago at a gym in Pasadena, lets see... ten years ago? Yipes. Anyhow, its an unbelievable workout, core strength, power, speed, cardio, anaerobic threshold, determination and focus. Yes yes yes. So I'm psyched to be back into that, its excellent cross training.

One of my goals this season is to get my core and upper body super solid and strong so I can ski more aggressive situations with more ease and touch, I don't get rocked as much and can keep my quiet because its strong.

On that note, I started back on the Bosu ball workout that I designed for dry-land training for skiing tonight, and now my abs are REALLY sore. I love this workout, I'm going to shoot a new video on it and post it here for you as soon as I can. I've improved it from a few years ago when I first came up with it.

What else is going on? I've been giving a ton of massage at the club, which is great, getting to know the space and the people who work there, its an amazing environment to work in, everyone is very supportive and its AMAZING to have this huge, world class facility to work out in because I'm an employee there. LUCKY ME!

So that's the fitness end. I'm not getting quite as much cardio in as I'd like, and I should be skinning up Highlands once a day now that its snowed, but I'm also balancing those things with things like writing Ethan a new story, "Ethan and the incredible flying machine" and illustrating the book I wrote for Bodhi so I have some new pictures to show him when we Skype. ("Bodhi and the golden spider web).

Bodhi is struggling at school, I got a call from the school counselor, and things are not going well, he is exhibiting a huge amount of anxiety and fear, he's crying and telling the teacher that he hates school and he misses me and he wants to go home to his grandma. This is very hard to hear, and it makes me feel even more acutely that I need to get him out here to me as soon as I can. I just want to wrap him up in love and make him feel good and safe.

I'll see them in about four days, so I'm just trying to focus on getting my life situated, getting trained up, making some money so that when they come to me, they have a soft, consistent, loving, safe place to land. And it feels like things are really turning around for me.

The money is starting to come in, new opportunities are presenting themselves, my body is getting strong, and Mike and I have decided to give it another shot, and are happily back together, and talking about what it will take to be strong through all the adversity we face by being so far apart.

Its midnight, I'm rambling. Today I was trained in the Alpine Rejuvinator Spa Treatment, the Aspen Clubs signature spa treatment, sooooo incredibly yummy, and tomorrow I have to go practice giving it (and receiving it), so its going to be another early, long day.

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