Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Apple, HELP!

I tweeted this morning "It may B tru that I also dont wnt 2 leave ths iMac. "Dear Apple. I'm a broke writer coming up. cn I please have a new computer"

And MacLounge retweeted me! So I know they are listening out there. So I thought I'd send a plea out into the twittersphere and see if it could only come true:

Oh, Apple Gods, if you are out there, hear my plea.

I write. Obsessively. All the time. My life is cronicalling this insane journey that I'm on from being an overweight, unhappy stay at home mom to a professional skier on the National Alpine Demo team and a happy adventurous mom to my two young boys, 6 and 8, in five years.

I blog from all over the country, meeting new people and telling my story and theirs. I'm moving from Montana to Colorado with $160 bucks in my pocket to start my new job teaching skiing on Aspen Mountain! This is the half way point!

I'm fortunate enough to be writing for 32 Degrees Magazine, Ski Racing, Ski, Telemark Skiing, and some other mags! YES, its happening!

Unfortunately, this amazing huge FAST iMac that I write on belongs to my ex. And here it stays.

I am working on an old G4 which I can only run text edit on. I can't even upgrade my OS to run the current Firefox, so posting is getting difficult!

I've been fortunate enough to pick up some sponsors over the years who have given me the gear I need to follow this dream. I could never ever do this without them, I can't afford skis and boot-fitting and armor and whatnot!

Is it possible? Would Apple sponsor me? Would you consider sending me a blogger's dream? Some sort of very fast laptop with an amazing backup drive and LOTS of memory for all the volumes of photos I take for the articles?

I'd be really grateful. Thanks for your time.

PS. If the answer is yes, text me, I'll be on the road moving to Aspen today!
PS. Yes. I would get a tatto. Does that sound desperate? Maybe I shouldn't tell them that. Hmm...

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