Sunday, November 15, 2009

Following the vision in your heart

Its been a contemplative couple of days, and tonight, as I was driving home on the ice skating rink that are the roads in Aspen right now, something struck me.

Why do people stop believing? In themselves, in their dreams, in the possibilities for their future. What happens? I've hit this wall myself several times, and I've explored those moments of defeat before, always seeing a different reason.

But I think each one of those reasons points to only one thing. A root cause. Fear.

And I'm talking here about the dreams you hold in your heart. Walking in the grass in the summer, when everything is warm and love is in the air and life feels amazing. The dip of the paddle in the river, the laughter of children, in this moment, its easy to believe that life can be however you want it. Your heart opens, and you look to the future, and you believe the possibilities.

But what about when its dark? What about when you are broke, and there looks like no end in sight? What about the times when things are just hard and you feel like you are digging yourself out of a hole that keeps filling up with sand?

This is the time to reach into your heart for your dream, and pull it out and put it in front of your face, shining. A miner's lamp in the dark. The path to your dreams has winds and twists and turns in it that are there, I believe, to teach us lessons. The path to your dream is never straight, and easy, no mater how well funded your venture is.

And if you can honor your path, if you can know, as my friend Amy says, that "You are right where you need to be to learn the lesson that you need to learn. And where you need to be to learn that lesson is not always plesant or comfortable.", you grow exponenitally at every hardship.

Let your heart be light, boyed by the knowledge that you are walking steadily towards something better, even when you feel mired. Search for the lesson, open your heart and accept that lesson into yourself, and suddenly, the sand you are digging in is lighter, your path clearer, and you are lifted by yourself.

We need our dreams the most when we are in the dark.

Michael and I made it through the darkness. We are dreaming again.


Jo said...
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Jo said...

Can you email me this post every morning, forever? thank you and keep writing. I'll keep reading. I always apreciate your insight and find it helpful in my life, once I learn how to integrate it into my life (that's the trick if you ask me).

paul macfarlane said...

If I may offer a harmonic addition....
Hate is not the opposite of Love.
Hate is Love standing on its head.

Fear is the opposite of Love.
If we fear, we cannot love.
When we love fully, in totality
we have no fear.
Do not try to kill fear.
Love, become Love in totality
and Fear will have no presence.
Love in totality, goes beyond loving others or ourselves, it becomes our Way.
And the nectar of Life is us.

Wise post my Friend.

a said...

Hello my friends! Jonathan, I loved your comments, in both forms. I'm sad you removed the first one. :-) Thank you for reading and for taking the words into your heart. I agree that integrating is the hardest thing to do.

Rewiring yourself so that in the dark the first thing you think is "where is the lesson, what did I believe when the lights were on?" is hard, but important. And you can do it.

Paul, I love your beautiful heart. Guruji. Thank you.