Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bliss on the home front.

Its been soooo wonderful to be with the kids! Today I went to school with them and ate lunch, and then did about a half hour of serious hard core underdogs to the entire kindergarten and first grade class.

Bodhi is really struggling in school, I met with his teacher and she was nearly in tears out of concern for him. Apparently, he is crying for me all the time, and is then very glad to go home early to snuggle with his Savta. It was really wonderful to be in his classroom and see his pride in his class. Mrs. Fastings is concerned that he's not socializing well with the other kids, and we talked about strategies for this, basically at this point, she's just trying to hold on and keep safe space for him.

I'm so grateful for this amazing team of Betty, Mr. Blessum, Charlotte Dixon and Mrs. Fastings who are really and truly on Bodhi's team. You know who else is on Bodhi's team? Ethan is.

He is working hard in school, really coming up and meeting the challenge even though its hard, and he's helping Bodhi out in school as well. He reminds me of another super cool kid I know, Mike's eldest son, Cyrus. The change in Ethan from the begining to the summer to now is really remarkable. And Ethan is proud of it.

We talked today about my house in Aspen and I answered all their questions while trying not to give them a specific date of their move. They are both excited to come down, and that makes me happy and gratified, but I don't want to give them a date and then disappoint them. All I can do is get their home ready for them and cross my fingers that we work it out amicably.

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