Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Training Session!

Good morning! Last night I went to my first Aspen Ski School training session! It was Movement Analysis with Schanzy, Cindy, Kristen and Buddy. It was so fun! Of course, I am a giant geek, and talking for two and a half hours about two thirty second clips of video is what I like most if I'm not on snow.

MA is fantastic because it gives you this amazing opportunity to train your eye, to look carefully at the skier and ask all the questions; What is happening here? Why is it happening? What's going to happen next as a result? If I change something, what will the result of that change be?

Aspen has a matrix they use to do MA, its intricate and designed to isolate one skill (Rotary, Edging, Pressure and balancing skills). So you look at the skier and talk about that one skill as it relates to what the skis are doing on the snow, and then traveling up the body.

I was nervous to go, because I've been to MA here in the conference room before, and there's a lot of very accomplished skiers who talk very intelligently about what is happening. It was great, though! We were each assigned a skill, and we were only allowed to address that skill to practice staying specific.

I will admit that I was completely spastically excited after we were done because, well, its ski season!! Woo HOO!

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