Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Skiing Should Be

I just found this on Grind TV, and I have to say, these guys have it right. They travel around just having fun! Skiing GRASS! Skiing stairs, skiing dry ramps, just having a ton of fun. Truly Awesome!

I have to say, that while I'm super duper psyched to be at my new home base and ready to start skiing, its been a tough couple of days. Watching this video immediately put it all into perspective for me. I love skiing. I love it because its fun. Its fun to get a bunch of people together and go play with your friends in the snow. (Or not in the snow as the case may be). I now have a big smile on my face, my heart feels light and excited, and I feel refocused by these clowns. Cause that's what its all about!

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