Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gear: Nike Triax Elite

Crap. Crap and double crap. I have had this $275 heart rate monitor for a year. The SDM (speed and distance monitor) only works accurately on a 100m track. So, not so much with the hiking.

The watch has a little guy on a bike on it, but there is no way to use the watch on your bike. I called Nike, they said, Yeah, we wanted it to work on a bike, but we couldn't make it happen. The newer watches don't have that little bike icon. Fabulous. So much for the TRIAX (triathlon?) training tool.

It works in the pool but I have to strap my watch to my bathing suit on the shoulder or it won't read.

The data is amazing and interesting, but only when it works, isn't corrupted or lost.

I have emailed and called Nike numerous times, and have never heard back from them.

Long story short. Don't buy a Nike heart rate monitor. It breaks my heart to say it, I want the new Nike Ipod+, but with the customer service (or total dearth thereov), I wouldn't dare spend a dime, because I know if something goes wrong, Nike's response is gonna be... Tough sh*t.

So, I'm in the market! Anyone have a HR monitor that does SDM, Pool, Vertical Feet, Total Calories, Tracks HR in and out of zone, and downloads info to your computer so you can analyze your data? Post a comment here and let me know!!


Unknown said...

Hi Kate,

I have a garmin Forerunner 305. It does all sorts of cool stuff, GPS, HR, maps, pre planned workouts with HR and pace, the list goes on. There's even a bike pod to help with cadence. The only downside is that it's not pool friendly.


a said...

Hey, Check THIS out!

The Sunnto systems Product Finder will TELL you which is right for you. Looks like and AMAZING product!

I'm putting it on my gear wishlist!

(Thanks for the tip, JF!)