Saturday, May 26, 2007

You Vote!


Deirdre Cooley said...

I say... make your blog the way YOU like it. Your public will love whatever it is. Honestly, I wish it reflected your art, even though you're concentrating on being an athletic maniac right now (and how we love you for it), I'd really like to see the artist in you design your site. xxoo

a said...

Oh, thanks, Dierdre! I'd love to design it myself, but I don't know how to create the templates. I wish it reflected my work and aesthetic as well. But even my art site is horribly out of date. Ah well.

I guess I'll have to corral Tom one day and get him to update all the sites and redo the template for my blog.

After we finish remodeling the kitchen.

And by the way, being uuber athletic does not preclude making art by the way! I discovered this while creating a sculptural "Skiing Machine" on a hike. I'm gonna post about it later this weekend.

Thanks for the lovely thoughts...