Monday, May 28, 2007

Training Log: May 29: I like to bike with Mike.

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I got to bike with Michael Hickey today! It was an amazing day, starting to rain... it looked like Scotland and smelled like New England. We biked from my house in the Hyalite foothills, up Cottonwood Canyon to the trail head. Unfortunately, the trail was still a bit muddy to ride, but apparently you can take it all the way over to Blackmore!

I am in abysmal shape for biking, even with all the hiking and skiing, I am sloooow slooow slooow, but didn't feel like I was dying... need to definitely cycle more! On the way back, Michael pulled over and said, "Its gonna rain in just a second" and put on his jacket, and sure enough, here it comes. We came around the corner and the wind picked up, and we started to pedal for real, which was a lot of fun!

Once we got just before my street, though, I had gassed it out. He asked me to draft him, and I just didn't have it cardio-wise. Moderate speed all day, yes. Pedal fast all day, not so much.

Okay, now I have a new goal for cycling!

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