Friday, May 4, 2007

Pics are in!

Andy Docken holds court with Georgie of the NZ Alpine Demo Team, and Megan Harvey of the American Team swooning at his side...

Andy "You're a Tiger" Docken rockin' it at the Aeire bar at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird. ************************************************************************************

Skippy the Kangaroo getting ready to party the night away.

Here is the lovely security guard who let us party in his OFFICE when we got too loud in the hotel room... In this photo, he's in the process of handcuffing the kangaroo, just before I leaned in to blow in his ear...
This is Jackson Hole, WY, the first day I was ever away from my kids overnight! They took it great, and Shannon, Angela and I skied that sucker (4316 vertical feet) top to bottom in good form! (After Posing a bit). Bulletproof to hard butter to corn to slush to full on water skiing. Awesome.
Nick nursing only his second drink of the night... with the lovely and talented Kiwi by his side...
Megan Harvey, ladies and gentleman. Shannon and I get a squeeze in with our coach of the week.
This is actually from the Bridger Bowl employee party, and yes, we are that cute, and yes, we are that hammered. It was a good party. Sue me.

The girls ski Jackson!

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