Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Training Log: May 30

Ya, I work out at the gym, ya. So I am not so much a girly-man. Right. Sorry. Chest day! Seated chest press, seated chest flies, dumbbell flies, bench press, abs on the ball with a medicine ball, abs on incline bench with medicine ball thrown at my face (that's one of my favorites) triceps over the head on a bosu ball with a medicine ball (I actually took video of this since I bet its hard to imagine), tricep pull downs, dips on the bench with my legs out straight! Finally!

No cardio today, I spent the day at my computer working on the Women's Adventure Club for the Ridge Athletic, where I got a job! Yay! Go Kate! Now, I get paid to go hiking, and I get to take a bunch of women with me and get them active and outdoors. I am psyched.

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a said...

Okay, so that's the best chest work out yet to date, my freakin' pecs are SCREAMING at me today. Which means tomorrow... oh, man. Day 2 is always MUCH worse! Wee HOO!